***SPOILER*** - The 3D levels in Microsoft's .X format, reversed from the original LEV.ARK file :

  • 3D items are included (doors, tables, chairs, beds, bridges, ...)
  • all secret doors are slightly open, to make them visible (out of their wall)
  • 2D items are drawn as horizontal or vertical bitmaps
  • portcullis have a home-made texture (for I couldn't find their original one)
  • *NEW* critters are now drawn (as vertical bitmaps)
  • some doors may have a wrong texture (but still have a door texture)

Example : Lord British's Castle (Britannia, level 0)

Some bitmaps extracted from *.BYT and BYT.ARK files :

"Critters" : bitmaps from CR*.* files :

"Graphics" : bitmaps from *.GR , *.TR , *.CR , *.SR , and *.AR files :

"Fonts" : bitmaps of the various fonts, from FONT*.SYS files :

"Cut scenes" : bitmaps and animations (AVI without sound) from CS*.N* files :

Audio :

Text strings from STRINGS.PAK file


Walkthroughs, Maps :

Levels viewers :

Technical informations :