This page contains files extracted from "Utima 7 - Serpent Isle" 's original game files (including "Silver Seed" extension).



***SPOILER*** - Britannia map :

Due to technical limitations, Britannia map has been divided into 4x4 pieces. So you'll have to download each part separately (sorry for that, and for the about 140MB size). Each sub-bitmap is 6144x6144 pixels, making a whole map of (24576 x 24576) pixels.

You have 2 versions of the map : one without roofs or mountaintops (so you can see inside castles, houses, and dungeons). And one with all elements (like a "bird" view).

NB : I've spent quite a lot of time on the drawing algorithm (especially drawing the items in the correct order), but you still might notice a few errors if you look closely. I provide these maps "as is".

Without roofs or mountaintops : With everything :

The whole map in only one bitmap (medium quality, 8192x8192) - also 2 versions :

Other bitmaps :

Cinematics, and Sound files :



Walkthroughs :