"System Shock" is an awesome game which made me spend many nights on my PC. Everything was there : a good storyline, a stressful atmosphere. Today only its graphics have gone obsolete, but an enhanced version for windows is available (see the links section).
...So nothing prevents you from playing it again !


Some resources extracted from the original *.RES files :

- Ceilings are excluded, in order to view inside the levels
- *NEW* critters are now drawn (as vertical bitmaps)
- 2D items are drawn as horizontal sprites, usually laying on the ground (this choice is arguable)

  • Audio speeches (WAV) :
English French German
Introduction :

End (success) :

End (death) :

Emails (no sound) (.AVI) :

  • Bitmaps :

Here are a few screenshots with an enhanced resolution (up to 1280x1024 thanks to "SS Portable": see the links section below) :





Walkthroughs :

For windows :

Technical info :