"Lands of Lore" is a RPG game based on an enhanced version of the "Eye of the Beholder" 's interface (still by Westwood Studios).
The sorceress Scotia has found an ancient artifact that gives her much power. You'll have to retrieve this item and defeat her ...and her minions.


***SPOILER*** - 3D Levels   (updated 01/27/2016) :

Example: Yvel City
- Ceilings are excluded, in order to view inside the levels
- *New* Critters are drawn (as vertical bitmaps)
- *New* Items are drawn as horizontal sprites, usually laying on the ground

"Graphics" : bitmaps from *.CPS , *.SHP , and *.WSA files :




"Animations" : *.AVI built from agregation of *.WSA bitmap files :

"Fonts" : bitmaps of the various fonts :

Audio :

Text strings (english, french, german)

A global map of the different places, with their connections :


Walkthroughs :

Technical informations about file formats used in LOL1: