***SPOILER*** - 3D maps for the 16 levels, reversed from the original files (*.maz, *.inf) - (updated 06/14/2015) :

  • Ceilings are excluded, in order to view inside the levels
  • *New* Critters are now drawn (as vertical bitmaps)
  • 2D items are drawn as horizontal sprites, usually laying on the ground
  • I had to create custom floor bitmaps, because the game shows them in perspective (therefore they couldn't be re-used here)
Example (4Winds, levels 1 & 2)

2D Maps for the 16 levels :

Example (4Winds, levels 1 & 2)

Some bitmaps extracted from the original *.CPS and *.CPM files :

Misc :

A diagram detailling the different ways to travel within Darkmoon (using the staircases, holes, portals or teleports) :


Walkthroughs :

Technical informations about file formats used in EOB1&2: