Everyone who has been lost or just wandering in a Daggerfall dungeon, has one day been thinking of a viewable 3D model of the whole place. The problem is that the game provides with a limited viewer, allowing to see only a small part of the whole dungeon at one time. So you have to scroll in all directions (even up and down), and memorize every room and corridor, to make yourself an idea of the whole thing. It's quite impossible for large dungeons !

So I tried to decode the game files, to extract the dungeons to a modern format in order to visualize them easily.

Remember that there are 2 kinds of dungeons in Daggerfall :

For this reason, only the fixed dungeons are precisely defined in the game files.

The way dungeons are designed is interesting : there are 187 predefined basic blocs, each of them containing a few rooms, corridors and stairs. Then these basic blocs are assembled together to build more complex structures, resulting in a huge number of combinaisons. Both kinds of dungeons are built this way. This explains why, while exploring a dungeon for the first time, you could feel like having been in this place before ... making it a bit confusing !


In the download section, you'll find :


***SPOILER*** - The 3D meshes of the 11 fixed dungeons and associated places :

ex: Daggerfall cityex: Direnni Tower

All scenes were built via a program based on Gavin Klayton's "DFConnectLibrary" API (prior to his "Daggerfall Unity" API).


  • I added the NPCs in dungeons and in houses, but they're missing in exteriors
  • Some random flying monsters may have a bad texure (non-flying monster)
  • I chose a "normal" weather (no rain nor snow) for exteriors
  • For towns, I merged interiors (in-houses content) into the whole exterior scene, in order to have all the content in each scene.
    But since interiors/exteriors can't be seen together while playing the game, developpers sometimes designed some interiors larger than the exterior of the house!
    This is unnoticeable in the game, but this leads to some visual inconsistencies in my scenes: see example below ╗

    With exteriors only: After adding interiors:
    ...some inner walls are passing through the external ones!

The videos (intro, end, ...) (29MB) (.AVI)

The textures :

The bitmaps have been extracted from the 512 "texture.*" files, giving 10.957 separate images. Then some of them have been packed together to create animated bitmaps. All this finally gives 6.456 files (.Png for still images, and .Gif for animations).

Texture names

Other graphics :




I found very useful technical informations there, making my work possible :
Walkthroughs :
Remakes :

Daggerfall en franšais !

   For    french  players  : you'll find a cooperative workspace at the Projet French Daggerfall site, dedicated to the translation of Daggerfall in french.